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Our products only show their value when they are being used. Success stories from different applications and industries at a glance.

1 Axis Jjoystick Controlling Winch On Ship
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Our products only show their value when they are being used. Marine, Offshore, Special Vehicles, Cranes or Remote Controlling products: the requirements and areas of application for our joysticks, footpedalslineary and rotary position pensors are as diverse as our customers' industries.This page shows you a few exemplary applications.

We can tailor most joysticks or potentiometers exactly to your needs or design a complete HMI or measurement solution for you. Contact us via our contact form or call us +31 (70) 392 44 21. We are happy to help you with the best solution for your application.

1 Axis Jjoystick Controlling Winch On Ship

Joysticks for Deck Equipment

Marine deck equipment, such as cranes, winches and material handling machines require robust single, dual or multi-axis joysticks that can be operated by hand, finger or full hand grip.

Joystick for DP system

The dynamic positioning (DP) system controls the position and heading of the vessel during operations at sea. Our DP joysticks are used in DP systems to manually adjust the position and heading. The joysticks have a robust mechanism that offers great feelability and the redundant electrical output signals provide confidence in critical applications.

Remote Vessel Maneuvering

Maneuvering a vessel in critical situations like docking requires great steering skills and the right tools. Our custom remote controller offers precise control of vessel thrusters and deck equipment in a compact light weighted housing. The aluminium sealed housing (IP67) and redundant output options offer high reliability for maritime applications.

EX joystick for crane operations on offshore platforms

Offshore platforms like oil rigs are classified as hazardous areas as they may contain potentially explosive atmospheres. Our EX joysticks are installed on offshore platforms for lifting equipment like cranes and winches. Due to the robust design and high-quality components, these joysticks offer great feelability, long life expectancy, and increased safety in offshore operations.

Position measurement of offshore wind turbine blades

Wind turbine blades can control pitch in order to maximize power generation. Our multiturn Hall effect sensors are applied in wind turbines to provide position feedback of the turbine blades. Unlike contact type position sensors, this contactless Hall effect sensor is not sensitive for vibrations which enhances the life expectancy up to 20 million rotations.

Position measurement in thrusters

Large vessels are equipped with thrusters to make the vessel more manoeuvrable in critical situations. Our rotary potentiometers provide angle position feedback of steerable thrusters, while our linear potentiometers provide position feedback of the thruster blades.

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