Custom made handheld controller for the maritime industry

Creating an ergonomic, lightweight and user friendly handheld controller

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A manufacturer of waterjets needed a small size hand held control unit to replace the traditional marine portable control boxes used to berth or maneuver a vessel in critical situations. Traditional control boxes can weigh up to 10 kg, which makes them less portable and user friendly.

The controller had to be ergonomic, lightweight and should contain the basic functions of the bigger “Portable control boxes”. The controller should be able to control a vessel, winch, a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) or an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). 

After some extensive meetings with our customer we developed an innovative handheld controller. The hand control is developed for use in harsh conditions like Navy, Marine, Off-shore and other deck machinery applications.

The controller is light weight, user friendly and very intuitive to use. The controller allows effortless operation at multiple locations on the vessels as it is truly portable compared to standard control boxes. 


The hand controller is made of 2 pcs of CNC-machined aluminum which is then black anodized for protection and increased grip friction.

The controller houses two special joysticks, both dual-axis thumb joysticks. With single output 10-90% electrical output. It also houses 4 switches including individually controlled LED for signaling. 

  • Protection degree IP67
  • M12 connector output

We can customize various requirements for example:

  • Printing a customer unique logo or symbol 
  • Also available with USB
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