S50JAK-ZU-33G Marine Joystick

Dynamic positioning joystick in aluminium enclosure

S50JAK-ZU-33G Marine Joystick | Althen Controls

About the S50JAK-ZU-33G

This 3 axis dynamic positioning joystick is built into an aluminium enclosure. The enclosure can easily be mounted from the bottom of a dashboard, in this way only the joystick handle will be visible. Because of its small size it is possible to integrate this high performance joystick controller in ergonomic dashboard of propulsion systems. The joystick controller is EMC tested and certified and is therefore compliant with the marine regulations and requirements.


Controlling range of operating lever
2-dimensional coordinate type: Omni-directionally approx. ±30°~±35° operation from center position
Operating force
Standard spring return device: Automatically return to center (omni-directional type) Approx. 3~15N (300~1,500gf.)
Operating temperature range
10~55Hz 98m/s²
Life expectancy
Approx. 5.000.000 operations
Approx. 350g
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