HE3 Finger Joystick

Dual independent output multi-axis joystick for safety sensitive applications and extreme environments with minimum IP67 grade


About our HE3 finger joystick

This is the most reliable finger-operated joystick in our HE series. It is developed for safety-critical applications with dual independent hall effect sensors implemented on each axis. All models are minimum IP67 sealed and give the peace of mind necessary to get the job done. Just like the HE2 series, the mechanism is constructed from a robust stainless steel shaft and brass X/Y mechanism. The electrical analog output options and configurable to your liking and applicable mounting hardware and electrical able are supplied with each unit.



  • Delivery within 2 weeks
  • Suitable for harsh environments (all configurations are IP67 sealed)
  • Dual independent electrical outputs per axis for safety-critical applications
  • Robust stainless steel shaft and brass X/Y mechanism
  • With contactless hall effect sensor technology
  • Pre-programmed proportional analog output or USB
  • Available in 1, 2 or 3 axis configurations
  • Cable included with mating connector & pigtail wires



  • Marine and offshore control
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Chest controllers
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Robot operations
  • Crane operations


Angle of movement
±20° (X,Y-axis) / ±45° (Z-axis)
Sensor type
Hall effect
Expected cycle life
5 million
Spring return
12 bit
Supply voltage
5VDC ±0.01VDC
Output voltage
Independent dual output: 0V-5V / 0.5V-4.5V / 0.25V-4.75V / 1V-4V
IP sealing above panel
IP67 Standard
Operating temperature
-40°C to 85°C
Storage temperature
-40°C to 85°C
Glass/Mineral filled nylon, Stainless steel shaft, Brass gimbal
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