30JB Finger Joystick

Most miniaturized series in our joystick controllers

About the Finger Joystick 30JB

Most miniaturized series in our joystick controllers. 3-dimensional coordinate type is also available. Spring return device is incorporated inside housing case, and it automatically returns an operating lever to the center position.

Features 30JB

  • Potentiometer incorporated type
  • With conductive plastic element
  • Protection IP40/IP54

Applications for 30JB

  • Various kinds of measuring devices
  • Electromotive wheelchairs
  • Robot operations
  • Precision machine tools


Controlling range of operating lever
X and Y directions: Approx.±10º~15º from center position. (Omni-directionally)
Z direction: Approx.±30º~35º from center position.
Operating force
X and Y directions: Approx.0.8~2N (80~200gf)
Z direction: Approx. 15~60mN•m (150~600gf.cm)
Operating temperature range
10~55Hz 98m/s²
Life expectancy
Approx. 5.000.000 operations
2-dimensional coordinate type: Approx. 80g
3-dimensional coordinate type: Approx. 100g
Output smoothness
Below 0.2% against input voltage
Contact resistance variation
Below 6% C.R.V.
Essentially infinite
Dialectric strength
1 minute at 500 V.A.C.
Insulation resistance
Over 1.000MΩ at 500V.D.C.
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