40JE Finger Joystick

Incorporates code switches of digital output, instead of potentiometers

About the Finger Joystick 40JE

Almost same outer dimensions as low-cost type 40JB and incorporates code switches of digital output, instead of potentiometers. Spring return device is fitted as standard version.

Features 40JE

  • Digital switch incorporated type
  • Protection IP40/IP54

Applications for 40JE

  • Medical instruments
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Robot operations


Controlling range of operating lever
2-dimensional coordinate type: 360° and square-directionally approx. ±20°~25° operation from center position
Operating force
1.6~3N (160~300gf.)
Operating temperature range
10~55Hz 98m/s²
Life expectancy
Approx. 5.000.000 operations
Approx. 180g
Switches used
Rating 12V.D.C. below 1mA
Contact resistance
Below 300mΩ
Dielectric strength
1 minute at 500V.A.C.
Insulation resistance
Over 100MΩ at 250VDC
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