FNR Mini Joystick

Miniature thumb controller for 1-Axis operations on a 3 Position Hall-Effect switch working principle.

About our FNR mini joystick

This 1-Axis Mini Thumb Controller operates as a three-position switch and comes with an above panel protection of IP67, making it ideal for many industrial applications. It’s contactless Hall Effect working principle and rugged construction ensure a minimum life cycle of 3 million. For easy mounting and installation, a nut and 28AWG cable are provided.



  • Standard delivery time 2-3 weeks
  • Three-position hall effect switch
  • Single axis thumb controller
  • Standard IP67 grade protection above panel



  • Forward/Neutral/Reverse operations
  • Industrial remote controllers
  • Marine winch control
  • (Outdoor) Control panels
  • Landscaping machines


Angle of movement
Sensor type
Hall effect
Expected cycle life
3 million
Spring return
Supply voltage
5VDC ±0.01VDC
Center voltage
2.5VDC ±0.25VDC
IP sealing above panel
Operating temperature
-20°C to 60°C
Storage temperature
-40°C to 70 °C
Material (Plastic housing)
Glass/Mineral filled nylon with silicone boot and actuator
Material (Metal housing)
Gold anodized aluminum with silicone boot and actuator
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