25HPS Multi-turn Potentiometer

Wirewound Potentiometer Servomount type

About the 25HPS Multi-turn Potentiometer

The 25HPS is a servomount precision type multi-turn potentiometer with an outer diameter of 25mm. There are multi shaft and bushing dimensions available.

Features Multi-turn potentiometer 25HPS-5

  • Wirewound
  • Dimensions (mm) DxL: 25×30.5
  • Standard resistance range (ohm): 100-50k
  • Independent linearity (±%): 0.3 to 0.2
  • Mechanical travel (+10° 0°): 1,800
  • Electrical travel (±5°): 1,800

Features Multi-turn potentiometer 25HPS-10

  • Wirewound
  • Dimensions (mm) DxL: 25×39
  • Standard resistance range (ohm): 100-100k
  • Independent linearity (±%): 0.2 to 0.1
  • Mechanical travel (+10° 0°): 3,600
  • Electrical travel (±5°): 3,600

Special Specifications Available

Lower resistance (10O, 20O, 30O), 3turn type (S25HP3), 15turn type (S25HP15), 20turn
type (S25HP20), extra taps (available up 5 taps), multi-ganged (available up to 2 gangs), shaft with front and rear extension (rear shaft with 3mm dia. and 10mm length), shaft dia. (ø3.175mm, ø6.35mm) · bushing with inch dimensions, with a limit-switch adaptor, special machining on the shaft.


Shaft Dia. (mm)
Standard resistance range
100O to 50kO (5turn), 100O to 100kO (10turn)
Max. practical resistance value
100O (5turn), 200O (10turn)
Total resistance tolerance
Standard Class ±3%(H), Precision Class ±1%(F)
Independent Linearity Tolerance (5-turn 10-turn)
Standard Class: ±0.3% ±0.2%
Precision Class: ±0.2% ±0.1%
(within 5kO): (±0.25%) (±0.15%)
Power Rating
1.5W (5-turn), 2.0W (10-turn)
Within 100O E.N.R.
Electrical Travel
360º Xn ±5º (n: No. of turns)
Mechanical Travel
360º Xn (+10º n: No. of turns)
360º Xn (+10º n: No. of turns)
Over 100 MO at 1,000 V.D.C.
Dielectric Strength
1 minute at 1,000 V.A.C.
Starting Torque
Within 5mN·m (50gf·cm) (Servomount)
Stopper Strength
Approx. 0.9N·m (9kgf·cm)
Max. working voltage
Resist. temp. coefficient of wire
Approx. 50g (5-turn) Approx. 60g (10-turn)
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