Industrial Joystick Controllers

Human Machine Interfaces

We offer a very wide range of industrial joystick controllers which can be used in various different applications. From accurate dynamic positioning in the maritime sector to controlling the valves on an oil rig where Atex certification is required, it has all been realized.

Our miniature joysticks are often integrated in control panels which can be used in medical applications but also in remote control equipment that is used by various of machine operators. From heavy duty harbour cranes to small forklift trucks, we have the right solution available.

Our Joysticks can be supported with various output signal protocols. Don't hesitate to send us an inquiry to learn more about the possibilities.

Industrial Joysticks protocols

We can design your joystick specific to your requirements. With many buttons and 2 or 3 axis functionalities there are many analog signals that can be converted into different communication protocols.

Digital interfaces

Custom mechanics and sensors

An important part of the joystick is it's body; the mechanical part combined with the electrical sensors and switches. From analog wirewound potentiometers to digital hall effect sensors.

More about custom joysticks

Customized joystick handles

Based on the functionality requirements of the joysticks, many different joysticks handles can be applied. Functionality is key, but the eye also can't be forgotten. Our joysticks are known for their erchonomical shaped handles.

More about custom handles

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