TS2 Mini Joystick

World's smallest industrial two axis hall effect joystick with IP67 grade for applications where space is limited.

About our TS2 mini joystick

The TS2 is the smallest 2-axis industrial joystick in the world and its operation principle is based on hall effect technology. Due to its very compact size and threaded mounting body, it can be easily mounted in small remote controllers, armrest control panels, and large cobra joysticks. The TS2 joystick comes with an elastomer actuator and standard IP67 above panel protection. Based on many years of experience, this joystick packs fantastic quality in a very small package.



  • Smallest joystick
  • 2 axis thumb controller
  • Contactless hall effect technology
  • Standard IP67 above panel
  • Four actuator options



  • Large hand grip joysticks
  • Industrial remote controllers
  • Armrest control panels


Angle of movement
Sensor type
Hall effect
Expected cycle life
2.5 million
Spring return
12 bit
Supply voltage
5VDC ±0.01VDC
Return to center voltage
IP sealing above panel
Operating temperature
-40°C to 85°C
Storage temperature
-40°C to 85°C
Glass/Mineral filled nylon with silicone boot and actuator
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