MPH22 Motor Potentiometer

Precision Motor Potentiometer Coupled Motor and Reduction Gear

MPH22 Motor Potentiometer | Althen Controls

About the MPH22 Motor Potentiometer

The MPH22 is a panel mounting type for single turn or 10-turn potentiometers.

Our standard input voltage for the motor is 6 VDC and other input voltages such as 12 VDC, 24 VDC and other inputs are also available on request. As the rated voltage of the motor is usually lower than that of the potentiometer, when checking the insulation resistance and dielectric strength of the motorpotentiometer, please do not load with over 100 V on the unit.

The rotating direction of the shaft of the potentiometer which drives from the motor is depending on a reduction gear ratio of the reduction gear that is incorperated. When using please confirm the rotating direction to avoid any inconveniences.

We can supply our motor-potentiometers with slipping torque of up to approximately 0.1 N*m by different modifications.

Features MPH22

  • No. Of turns: 1 or 10
  • Slipping Torque (mN*m): 20-30 or 50
  • Reduction gear ratio: multiple
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