Joysticks for Agricultural Machines

Operation of agricultural machinery can be demanding to both man and machine. As we have a solid understanding of your needs we are able to deliver a solid joystick which lasts. Our joysticks are very durable and ergonomically shaped for long term use. This prevents injuries and maximizes steering control and efficiency.

Joysticks can be customized so the shape and functions are optimized for the kind of task at hand. Whether it is planting or harvesting our Industrial Joystick Controllers are reliable to be used in your field of work.

Our joysticks, controls, potentiometers and switches are being used in:

  • Soil Cultivation: Harrows, Cultivators, Stone Pickers, (Chisel) Plows, Rollers, Cultipackers, Rototillers
    Planting: Seed Drill, Air Seeder, Transplanters, Potato Planters
  • Fertilizing & Pest Control: (Dry) Manure Spreaders, Sprayers, Terregators
  • Harvesting / Post-harvest: Harvesters such as: Carrot, Beet, Bean, Sugarcane Harvesters, Drum Mowers, Potato Diggers, Chaser Bin Spout Control, Haulm Toppers
  • Hay Making: Bale Wrappers, Lifters, Grabbers
  • Loading: Backhoe, Front End Loaders, Skid Loaders
  • State of the Art Agricultural Robots

Need to control linear actuators or extra hydraulic valves?

There are many options to choose from. Choose your (push-)buttons, rocker switches, seesaw type potentiometers or handles so it allows for intuitive operation of complex controlled machine functions. Joysticks can be supplied with high quality rubber covers so it will take a long time before its worn or a higher IP protection class such as IP65. 

Protocols: CANopen or SAE J1939 available on request.

Have a look at our Multifunctional Cobra Joysticks or contact one of our experts for more information. Our joysticks can be supplied as a single piece of the shelf solution, but also for large scale OEM production.

Thumb Controllers for Control Panels

FNR, HS1, SS1, TS1, TS2

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