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Hovercrafts also known as an air-cushion vehicles or ACV’s are mechatronic systems capable of travelling over land and water. Hovercrafts are hybrid vessels operated by a pilot as an aircraft rather than a captain as a marine vessel.

For controlling the propulsion systems special joysticks are required to steer the vessel into the right direction, and make 'flying' over water a safe and reliable way of transport. The amphibious machine is moving through air instead of water. This way it can go faster than conventional boats and allows for transportation over beaches, marshes and swamps.

Joysticks are found in hovercrafts for different purposes:

  • Commercial passenger carrying
  • Civilian non-commercial rescuing
  • Military/navy: LCAC
  • Recreational/sports

Due to the demanding high capabilities of an amphibious vehicle robust materials should be used. Our quality joysticks are robust and made to last.

Hovercrafts lack the same frictional and drag effects as boats or cars, so steering must be approached differently. Steering can be done by joystick in the front of the craft controlling the rudder blades mounted in the fan or propeller.

Contact one of our engineers for more information on how our joysticks can be integrated in your ACV application.

Special Joystick S50JCK

  • Specially designed for steering of hovercrafts
  • Sensors: Potentiometer, hall effect, encoder.
  • Special features such as switch(es), push buttons, rocker(s), seesaw, deadman function rtc. available on request.
  • Operating temperature range: -20 C +65 C
  • Life expectancy: 5.0000.000 operations
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