Joysticks for the Marine Industry and Offshore applications

Today's Marine vessels require high-end computer controlled systems to automatically maintain its position by using the vessels propellers and thrusters. Our joysticks are specifically designed to fulfil the dynamic positioning functions in such applications.

Our Joysticks for the Marine Industry are specifically designed for dynamic positioning systems and used in marine and offshore applications, such as:

• Drill ships
• Cable-laying vessels
• Pipe laying vessels
• FPSO’s
• Maritime research vessels
• Mega yachts
• Offshore supply vessels
• Shuttle tankers

We produce high quality joysticks and are a well known supplier in the industry. Whether it’s for the development of small joystick systems or as a part of a multi station setup, our joysticks are the right choice for ship motion control.

Use our joysticks to control vessel thrusters and rudders and drive the Dynamic Positioning unit. Whether it’s to manually control the ship’s position and heading alone or as part of a positioning system for combined manual or auto control our joysticks are developed to meet the requirements of offshore and marine vessels. The joysticks can be customized to the wishes of the customer, providing the best performance for your maneuvering system.

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