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Control your surveillance and security applications the right way by using a proven and robust 3-axis joystick specially designed for CCTV Camera Control. Get a clear image of the scene, detect suspicious behavior and monitor as needed.

The H40JHK Hall Effect joystick is a multi-purpose joystick which is often applied for surveillance and security applications in combination with CCTV. Because of it’s compact size it can also be applied in many other industrial applications.

Many different customizations are available such as round or square movement, one or two pushbuttons and 2- or 3-axis. The joystick can easily be panel mounted for integration in a control unit. This makes it an excellent solution for OEM production of high end PTZ controllers.

About the H40JHK

  • Robust 3-axis joystick specially designed for camera surveillance
  • Sensor: Hall Effect
  • Available with round and square movement, with one or 2 pushbuttons and in 2 or 3-axis
  • Applications: CCTV, Marine, Vehicle, Robotics, Automation
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C ~+60°C
  • Life expectancy: 5.000.000 operations
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