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Sensors & Joystick Controllers for Maritime Applications

The maritime & marine industry requires heavy duty sensors & HMI-products for harsh and hostile environments (gas, dust and vapour). Our sensors and joysticks will help you save (maintenance) costs and can be part of your automation and digitalisation program.

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Sensors & (EX) Joysticks Controllers for Offshore applications

The offshore industry requires explosion proof, reliable and intrinsically safe (ATEX) sensors & HMI-products for harsh and hazardous environments. Our sensors and joysticks contribute to sustainable, safer and more cost-effective operations.

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Industrial Mini, Thumb and Finger Joysticks

Additional to our extended range of robust joystick controllers, we offer new product line of Industrial Mini, Thumb and Finger Joysticks. All configurations are available with a standard delivery time of 2-3 weeks and the configurations we keep on stock within days

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1-Axis Joysticks

If an industrial joystick only has a forward and backward movement it is called a 1-axis joystick. The Single Axis Joysticks from Althen Controls are available in various shapes and configurations.

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