Sensors, Joysticks and Controllers for Maritime Applications

Sensors and Joysticks Controllers for Maritime Applications - Image Vessel with Crane
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Sensors & Joysticks for the Marine Industry

The Maritime & Marine industry requires heavy duty sensors & HMI-products for harsh and hazardous environments (gas, dust and vapour). The parts need to be explosion proof, reliable and intrinsically safe (ATEX). Our sensors and joysticks will help you save (maintenance) costs and can be part of your automation and digitalisation program.

We offer standard sensors & joystick controllers, but can also help you with a tailor-made measuring or HMI-solution. Please contact us to help you with the best solution for your application: Call us at +31 (0)70 392 44 21, email or use our contactform.

Load shackle for deck lifting equipment

On many special vessels deck lifting equipment is used to carry heavy loads on board. For safety reasons the lifted load may not exceed the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the equipment. Our load pins and load shackles are designed to measure loads up to 1.000 ton and perform in harsh environments and are available with ATEX certification.

Position measurement in thrusters

Large vessels are equipped with thrusters to make the vessel more manoeuvrable in critical situations. Our rotary potentiometers provide angle position feedback of steerable thrusters, while our linear potentiometers provide position feedback of the thruster blades.

Pressure measurement in tanks

Fuel tanks, storage tanks and ballast tanks can be found on many vessels. Our absolute pressure sensors are used to monitor hydraulic pressure in those tanks continuously. They are well-known for their great accuracy, durability, long-term stability, and intrinsically safe options.

Propeller shaft earthing systems

The propeller and propeller shaft bearings of sea-going vessels are vulnerable to pitting and spark erosion as result of a voltage potential difference between the shaft and the hull of the vessel. Our propeller shaft earthing systems protect the propeller and bearings as they earth the propeller shaft to the hull. This prevents early maintenance costs of the propeller and shaft bearings.

Position measurement of hydraulic cilinders

Hydraulic cylinders are important components in jack-up vessels, pipelay vessels, and dredgers. Our robust linear position sensors are used to provide position feedback of the hydraulic cylinder. They offer outstanding performance, high-reliability, and an extremely low failure rate, even under harsh environmental conditions. These sensors are also available in intrinsically safe versions and submersible versions up to 350 bar.

Condition monitoring of vessel machinery

Condition monitoring of vessel machinery is an important aspect for maintenance planning, downtime reduction, and cost savings. Our vibration monitoring sensors are used to detect machinery failures such as bearing wears, imbalance, misalignment, and insufficient lubrication. These sensors have various electrical outputs, wide frequency ranges and high IP rates, and can be installed in harsh environments.

Joystick for DP system

The dynamic positioning (DP) system controls the position and heading of the vessel during operations at sea. Our DP joysticks are used in DP systems to manually adjust the position and heading. The joysticks have a robust mechanism that offers great feelability and the redundant electrical output signals provide confidence in critical applications.

Electronic compass for subsea vehicle navigation

GPS signals cannot travel through water, so subsea vehicles must use different instruments to navigate. Our electronic compass has multiple sensors to measure tilt, pitch & roll, and acceleration that are used to compute the heading and speed of the vehicle.

Tilt monitoring for center-of-gravity control

Tilt monitoring is essential to control the ballast transfer system of a vessel. Regulating the vessel's center-of-gravity contributes to greater safety, better cargo protection, and less fuel consumption. Our rugged single- and multi-axis inclination sensors combine high accuracy with high reliability, even in high shock and vibration applications.


Contact Althen Sensors & Controls

With more than 40 years of experience, we have developed into a specialized company for sensors, joysticks & instrumentation. Our products are developed for demanding and critical applications. We can develop tailor-made joysticks and measurement solutions for you, even in small series.

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