MH Multi-assige Vinger Joystick

Vingertop Joystick. Verkrijgbaar in 2- of 3-assige configuraties. Met onafhankelijke contactloze Hall Effect sensoren per as die een hoge betrouwbaarheid en precisie bieden.

MH Multi-assige Vinger Joystick | Althen Controls

About our MR Multi-Axis Finger Joystick

This multi-axis finger-operated joystick comes with independent contactless Hall Effect sensors per axis and provides reliable, multi-axis fingertip control. It is available in two-axis or three-axis configurations and has many handle options to chose from, including a low profile and slim Z-axis handle.

The repeatable accuracy and superior return to centre voltages set this controller apart from it's competition. Further user-specified voltage range for a pre-programmed analog output and pigtail 28AWG wires make the controller suitable to integrate into any applicable system.


  • Delivery within 2 weeks
  • 16 handle options and 3 mounting options
  • With independent contactless hall effect sensor per axis
  • Available in 2-axis or 3-axis configurations
  • Pre-programmed proportional output
  • Pigtail wire termination


  • Measurement systems
  • Robotic systems
  • CCTV
  • Machine control
  • Conveyor systems
  • Wheelchair control
  • High magnetic field environments


Angle of movement
±25° (X,Y-axis) / ±45° (Z-axis)
Sensor type
Independent hall effect sensor per axis
Expected cycle life
5 million
Spring return
12 bit
Supply voltage
5VDC ±0.01VDC
Output voltage
0V-5V / 0.5V-4.5V / 0.25V-4.75V / 1V-4V
IP sealing above panel
Up to IP54
Operating temperature
-20°C to 60°C
Storage temperature
-40°C to 70°C
Glass/Mineral filled nylon
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