MFD Desktop Controller

USB-desktopcontroller met meerdere aangepaste functies, gebouwd volgens uw specificaties. Ideaal voor beveiligings- en machinecontroletoepassingen.

HED Desktop Controller | Althen Controls

About our MFD mini joystick

This fully customizable USB desktop controller has many different control options to choose from, including our two- and three-axis contactless hall effect and potentiometer-based joysticks and our rotary hall effect knob. Its soft silicone wrist pad provides unmatched comfort and the reliable Cherry MX switches ensure a long-life expectancy. The MFD desktop controller is easily integrated into the user’s system due to its USB 1.1 compliant technology, making it perfect for CCTV applications or machine control.



  • Standard delivery time 2-3 weeks
  • Two- or three-axis fingertip joystick or control knob
  • Variety of different configuration options



  • Security systems
  • Machinery control
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