LSM22 Linear Magnetic Hall Sensor

Special specifications such as with spring return device are available

About the LSM22 Linear Magnetic Hall Sensor

The LSM22 is a linear motion contactless potentiometer.

Features Model LSM22

  • Inductance type contactless model
  • Measurement range: 14mm
  • Resistance value: 10k to 500kO
  • Linearity tolerance: ±0.5% FS
  • Body dimensions (mm): Ø22x54

Special specifications available

  • Spring return device incorporated
  • Other special specifications are also possible


Current consumption
Approx. 5mA
Independent linearity tolerance
±0.5% - FS
Mechanical stroke
Approx. 14mm to 34mm
Effective electrical stroke
Approx. 10mm to 30mm
Applied voltage
Load resistance
10kO min.
Output sensibility
Approx. 10% Approx. 90% Vin
Output temperature characteristic
Below ±2.5% Vout -FS
Drift at center position
Below ±0.5% Vout-FS
Operating temperature range
-40°C +105°C
Storage temperature range
-40°C +105°C
Approx. 30g to 60g
Friction N (gf)
  • Volg ons: