18FLPA Series Lineaire Potentiometer

Conductive Plastic Model with plain shaft and screw mounting to the body

Key Features 18FLPA

  • Industrial conductive plastic model
  • Measurement range: between 15 mm and 100 mm
  • Resistance value: 500 Ω to 20 kΩ
  • Linearity tolerance: ±0.7% or ±0.5%, ±0.4%, ±0.3%, ±0.25% and ±0.2%
  • Body dimensions (mm): 20.5x18x(depends on the type of sensor)


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About the 18FLPA Series Linear Potentiometer

The 18FLPA has a robust housing case and is with faston-terminals.

The 18FLPA15, 18FLPA30, 18FLPA50 and 18FLPA100 are our available types within the 18FLPA Series.
For specfied information about a certain type, please contact us.

Special Specifications available

Stroke 150mm (S18FLPA150), stroke 200mm (S18FLPA200), sealed type (IP54, the length of "A" is extended by abt. 6 mm), with spring return device (up to 100mm stroke. Friction is 3N [300gf]. Spring return device is mounted on the outer shaft and the shaft is extended by some extent depending on the models. For details please ask us), special machining on the shaft.

  • Specificaties
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Standard resistance values
500Ω, 1kΩ, 2kΩ, 5kΩ, 10kΩ
Total resistance tolerance
Independent linearity tolerance
Standard class: ±0.7%, ±0.4%, ±0.3%
Precision class: ±0.5%, ±0.25%, ±0.2%
Essentially infinite
Output smoothness
Within 0.1% against input voltage
Contact resistance variation
Within 2% C.R.V.
Power rating
0.3W, 0.6W, 0.75W, 1.25W
15mm, 30mm, 50mm, 100mm
Insulation resistance
Over 1.000MΩ at 500VDC
Dielectric strength
1 minute 1.000V.A.C.
Within 0.3N (30gf), Within 1N(100gf)
Stopper strength
Approx. 90N (9kgf)
Resistance temperature coefficient
Approx. 60g, approx. 70g, approx. 100g, approx. 140g


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