Industrial joysticks and position feedback sensors

We offer standard industrial joystick controllers and position sensors, but can also help you with a tailor-made measuring or HMI-solution.

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Our Product Scope

Applications where our products are used:

Sensors and Joystick Controllers for Maritime Applications | Image Vessel with Crane - 600

Sensors & Joysticks for the Marine Industry

The maritime & marine industry requires heavy duty sensors & HMI-products for hostile environments. The parts need to be explosion proof, reliable and intrinsically safe (ATEX). Our sensors and joysticks will help you save (maintenance) costs and can be part of your automation and digitalisation program.

Application examples Marine Industry

Sensors & Joysticks for the Offshore Industry

The offshore industry requires explosion proofreliable and intrinsically safe (ATEX) sensors & HMI-products for harsh and hazardous environments. Our sensors and joysticks contribute to sustainable, safer and more cost-effective operations.

Application examples Offshore

Custom made handheld controller for the maritime industry

We developed a small size hand held control unit to replace a traditional marine portable control box.  Traditional control boxes can weigh up to 10 kg, which makes them less portable and user friendly. The tailor-made controller can control a vessel, winch, a ROV or an UAV.

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Custom designed joystick controllers and position feedback sensors

Human machine interface has become our craftsmanship. Our philosophy goes further than producing joystick controllers and position feedback sensors, we believe in quality and attention for each individual application over quantity and mass production.

Each of our customers is unique, therefore we have developed more than thousand unique joystick controllers and position feedback sensors, each tailored to the application. By co-designing the best possible product for our customers, we believe to offer the ultimate OEM experience modern machine builders are looking for.


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