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Industrial Joystick Controllers, Position Sensors & Potentiometers 

We offer a comprehensive selection of robust joysticks with state-of-the-art, non-contact Hall sensors and classic potentiometers. Designed for applications in tight spaces to heavy industry applications. Our joystick program is based on high-quality components that ensure a long-lasting function of up to 10 million movements. Basically, we adapt the joysticks to your specific requirements and, if necessary, equip them with ATEX components for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

We can tailor most joysticks or potentiometers exactly to your needs or design a complete HMI or measurement solution. View our product overview or contact us via our contact form or call us +31 (70) 392 44 21.

We are happy to help you select the most suitable solution for your application.


Custom made control solutions

This is what makes us tick. Our in-house design and engineering capabilities allow us to develop customized controllers. We can turn every technical challenge into a working solution.

Based on our experience with many different type of Joystick controllers we are able to offer the best solution for your application.

If you provide us with the application and your requirements, we look forward to help you with a standard controller or to develop a tailor made HMI-solution for you.

Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Industrial Joystick Controllers

We offer a grat variety of different joysticks: mini joysticks, finger joysticks, hand joysticks, multi-functional joysticks and joysticks for marine and ATEX/IECEx certified joysticks for hazardous environments. The joysticks can be supplied with 1-axis, 2-axis or multi-axis (3-axis or more), with various output signals. 

Our specialized joystick program offers long life time joysticks with a life expectancy up to 10.000.000 movements. 

Industrial Joystick Controllers


Industrial footpedals

We offer various footpedals from low cost o the high-performance market. Our footpedals are equipped with potentiometers, hall effect sensors and/or switches.  Our footpedals are equipped with potentiometers, hall effect sensors and/or switches.

These footpedals are suited for use in all kind of industries and applications. From industrial applications such as mining vehicles and winches, up to medical instruments and studio equipment. 


Industrial Footpedals

Rotary Position Sensors

Our precision Rotary potentiometers use conductive plastic technology (infinite resolution), are available as wirewound models with larger power dissipation and longer lifetime or use hybrid (combined advantages) technology. A wide choice of resistive outputs is offered. 

Besides the different contactless models we offer a great variety in types such as Single-turn/Multi-turn, specials such as Sinus/Cosinus potentiometers, oil-filled types, multiple gang types, motorised potentiometers and a number of turns-counting dials.

Rotary Position Sensors

Linear Position Sensors

Our Linear Potentiometers are specifically designed to measure and control linear displacements in absolute mode. They are absolute detecting systems, that keep the actual position data at power off.

That makes them perfectly suited for applications in industrial operating machines where it is difficult to reset the axis zero point at the system power on, for instance if the material machining lasts for long. 

Linear Position Sensors

Advantages of our controllers

  • Fingertip, palm grip or hand operated joystick controllers for smooth and precise control in the harshest environments
  • Ergonomic and smart handle designs, pushbuttons, switches and selectable options tailored for your application
  • Precision potentiometer output, optional CAN open interface
  • HALL effect IC contactless output available
  • Rugged mechanics and high IP rating for long lifetime
  • Special joystick designs: with ATEX components (EEx d)
  • or Dynamic Positioning for maritime applications
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