90JAM-ex ATEX Hand Joystick

Large Hand Joystick with ATEX/IECEx certified components

90JAM-ex ATEX Joystick | Althen Controls

About the ATEX Joystick 90JAM-ex

Our improved ATEX joysticks are very flexible and can be customized. You can choose between a 1-, 2- or 3-axis joystick and two different sizes. Proportional signals are archived by the conductive plastic potentiometers. There are two versions available: the one with only switches or a joystick with the combination of potentiometers as well as switches. From this day on, the potentiometers and switches used on the ATEX joysticks are IECEX approved. For the redesigned potentiometers an improved resistance element is used, which increases the life time up to 5.000.000 movements! It comes with a 4-wire connection instead of 3-wire, which makes it more flexible for different electrical connections. The potentiometers are now activated by a direct mount, the previous gearbox has disappeared. This results into a smoother movement of the joystick, therefore the operator has better control and accuracy.

The90JAM-ex ATEX joystick is based on the standard 90JAM joystick.

Features 90JAM-ex

  • High quality joystick
  • With ATEX components
  • 1,2,3 AXIS
  • Potentiometer and/or switches
  • Many options available
  • Robust and compact design


Controlling range of operating lever
2-dimensional coordinate type: Approx. ±22°~±26° omni-direction from center position
3-dimensional coordinate type: Approx. ±45°~±50° operation from center position of knob in addition to the operating range of 2-dimensional coordinate type
Operating force
Standard spring return device: Automatically return to center. X, Y directions: Approx. 2~12N(200~1.200gf) Z direction: Approx. 20~85mN•m(200~850gf•cm)
Operating temperature range
10~55Hz 98m/s²
Life expectancy
Approx. 5.000.000 operations
2-dimensional coordinate type: Approx. 650g | 3-dimensional coordinate type: Approx. 750g
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