Hand Operated Joysticks

Industrial hand operated joysticks are used to control heavy duty machinery such as cranes, winches, agriculture machines, and construction machines. These robust joysticks have a small build-in size and offer high reliability, smooth operation, and long life expectancy. This provides confidence for machine builders and operators!

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Hand Operated Joysticks

Our joysticks are equipped with potentiometers or Hall Effect sensors. Both technologies provide an analog output signal that is proportional to the position of the joystick lever. The main difference is that Hall effect technology is a contactless method which makes it very suitable for applications where heavy vibrations occur. Yet the supply voltage of the Hall effect sensors we use is limited to 5Vdc. For safety critical applications, a dual-independent (redundant) analog output is available for both our potentiometer and Hall effect joysticks.

We understand that each application is unique and requires different functionalities. For those applications we offer many configuration options and customization, even for small quantities. At the same time we see many similarities in project requirements and an increasing demand for standardized products. For those customers we offer standard configurations from stock.


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