S50JAK-ZZ-30G Marine Joystick

Specifically designed for dynamic positioning

S50JAK-ZZ-30G Marine Joystick | Althen Controls

About the S50JAK-ZZ-30G

Today's vessels require high-end computer controlled systems to automatically maintain its position by using the vessels propellers and thrusters. Our joysticks are specifically designed to fullfil the dynamic positioning functions in such applications.

Features S50JAK-ZZ-30G

  • Specifically designed for dynamic positioning
  • Sensors: Potentiometer, hall effect, encoder, special features such as switch(es), pushbutton(s), rocker(s)/seesaw, deadman function etc. available on request
  • Applications: Marine, offshore
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C +65°C
  • Life expectancy: 5.000.000 operations


Controlling range of operating lever
2-dimensional coordinate type: Omni-directionally approx. ±30° ~ ±35°, operation from center position
3-dimensional coordinate type: Approx. 320° rotation by knob-operation in addition to the controlling range of 2-dimensional coordinate operation
Operating force
Without spring return device
Standard: Approx. 0.5~0.8N (50~80gf.)
High torque type: Approx. 2~6N (200~600gf.)
With spring return device
X, Y directions: Approx. 0.8~1.5N (80~150gf)
Z direction: Approx. 20~85mN~m (200~850gf • cm.)
Operating temperature
-20°C ~+65°C
Life expectancy
Approx. 5.000.000 operations
2-dimensional coordinate type: Approx. 280g
3-dimensional coordinate type: Approx. 230g
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