Linear Position Sensors

Linear Position Sensors convert displacement of an object into an output signal.

Linear Potentiometers, Magnetic Hall Sensors & Magnetostrictive Position Sensors

Reliable and accurate displacement measurements, that is the right description for our Linear Position Sensors (Potentiometers). Our sensors for position, displacement and distance, offer a wide variety of technology. Linear Position Sensors are used for industrial applications as well as in research and scientific laboratories.  

What is a Linear Potentiometer?

A linear potentiometer is a variable resistor. The resistance value depends on the position of the runner and can be changed mechanically (by moving it in a straight line). Linear potentiometers are available in various designs, also in very small sizes.

Linear Magnetic Hall effect sensors

A linear (magnetic) Hall effect sensor uses the Hall effect (named after Edwin Hall). A magnetic hall effect sensor converts magnetically or magnetically encoded information into electrical signals. Magnetic Hall-effect sensors are very solid sensors that can be used to measure speed, position or distance, among other things. Electronics engineers often opt for hall-effect sensors due to their non-contact wear-free operation, the low-maintenance and robust design. Hall effect sensors are immune to vibrations, dust and water.

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