Linear Position Sensors & Potentiometers

Linear Position Sensors & Linear Potentiometers for measuring position, displacement and distance. Resolutions down to nanometer ranges.

Linear Potentiometers, Magnetic Hall Sensors & Magnetostrictive Position Sensors

Linear Position Sensors convert displacement of an object into an output signal. Reliable and accurate displacement measurements, that is the right description for our Linear Position Sensors (Potentiometers). Our sensors for position, displacement and distance, offer a wide variety of technology. Linear Position Sensors are used for industrial applications as well as in research and scientific laboratories.  

Besides the standard Lineair Position Sensors, we also offer you custom made linear position sensors. We can tailor most linear potentiometers and linear position sensors exactly to your needs or design a complete measurement solution. View our product overview or contact us via our contact form or call us +31 (70) 392 44 21.

We are happy to help you select the most suitable solution for your application.

Our Product Portfolio

Linear Potentiometers

A linear potentiometer is a variable resistor. The resistance value depends on the position of the runner and can be changed mechanically (by moving it in a straight line). Linear potentiometers are available in various designs, also in very small sizes.

Linear Position Sensors are used for industrial applications as well as in research and scientific laboratories. Strokes ranges from 10mm up to 1000mm. They enable distance measurements up to 50m.

Linear Magnetic Hall effect sensors

A linear (magnetic) Hall effect sensor uses the Hall effect (named after Edwin Hall). A magnetic hall effect sensor converts magnetically or magnetically encoded information into electrical signals. Magnetic Hall-effect sensors are very solid sensors that can be used to measure speed, position or distance, among other things. Electronics engineers often opt for hall-effect sensors due to their non-contact wear-free operation, the low-maintenance and robust design. Hall effect sensors are immune to vibrations, dust and water.

Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors

These robust sensors measure the distance between two points. They consist of a fixed base, a waveguide, a movable permanent magnet and a transducer that converts a mechanical vibration into an electrical signal. These sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications, even under extreme conditions. They are largely resistant to temperature, shock, vibration and contamination.

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