Rotary Position Sensors

Our precision Rotary Positions Sensors are available as wirewound models with larger power dissipation and longer lifetime.

Compact and easy to design in, our Rotary Position Sensors (Potentiometers) provide you with a simple and cost-effective rotational sensing solution. They are ready to use and include the sensor, a back-biasing magnet and an advanced signal conditioning IC, all housed in a special multi-chip package. Besides the standard Rotation Sensors, we also offer you custom made solutions

Different types of Rotary Position Sensors (Potentiometers)

Althen offers a great variety in types such as Single-turn Potentiometers, Multi-turn Potentiometers, specials such as Sinus/Cosinus Potentiometers, Oil-filled Potentiometers, Motorised potentiometers and a number of Turns-counting dials Potentiometers. Of course we offer many opportunities for customising of nearly all types, both electrically and mechanically, already for small series.

Don't hesitate to contact our potentiometer specialists directly.

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