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Custom Industrial Joysticks and Position sensors

When you are looking for a high quality, reliable and robust industrial joystick or position feedback sensor which is built fully to meet your unique application needs, you have come to the right place. We develop complete tailor designed products in both large and small series.

Please contact us to help you with the best solution for your application: call us at +31 (0)70 392 44 21, email or use our contactform.

Customized joystick controllers

We design and manufacture high quality industrial joysticks for applications that require a 100% reliable product. Depending on the application different parts can be customized such as:

  • Mechanical feel; high torque, center detent mechanism.
  • Electrically the joystick can be equipped with multiple sensors on the same axis.
  • Optional switches and custom electrical angles can be chosen
  • Output signal can be adapted to the wishes of the customer; from Analog to CAN-bus or J1939.
  • The joystick handle can be fully customized with a third axis, push buttons, rockers, deadman mechanism, and much more.

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Custom feedback position sensors

Althen is your expert partner for precision potentiometers and industrial hall effect sensors for both linear and angular position feedback applications in which accuracy is key. Many of our sensors can be customized in many ways:

  • The shaft of the sensor can be mechanically built to spec
  • The resistance value and linearity of the potentiometer can be changed
  • Multilayer potentiometers are possible (double/triple decks)
  • Special dimensions for linear position sensors can be developed
  • Multi-turn or single turn with extended shaft or with shafts on both ends

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