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Linear Potentiometers and Rotary Potentiometers

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Custom Linear and Rotary Potentiometers

With over 40 years of experience we have developed ourselves into a specialized position feedback sensor supplier. Reliability and quality are the two words that describe our position sensors best. Developed to last for your product's lifespan, with a minimum of over 10.000.000 mechanical cycles. Althen Controls develops customized position sensors even for small quantities.

Please contact us to help you with the best solution for your application: call us at +31 (0)70 392 44 21, email or use our contactform.

Single or double ganged

Rotary Potentiometers built to fit the application. With single, double, triple or 10 potentiometers stacked on top of each other, it's all possible. Next level custom designs that go beyond what you thought was possible.

Mechanical flexibility

Whether you want a longer shaft, a shorter shaft, a bigger housing, a flange mounted or a bush mounted sensor we will customize the sensor to meet your exact requirements. With different working principles such as wire wound, conductive plastic or magnetic Hall effect we help you with the best solution. 

Electrical modifications

Not only mechanically but off course electrically a lot of things are possible, with special electrical angles, with higher linearity, with different resistance values etc. Our rotary sensors are of the highest quality you could wish for. 

Sine Cosine output sensors

The endless sine cosines output signal is often used in marine applications. Also oil-filled versions are available and offer robustness against high vibration/shock environments in applications for heavy duty machinery for example. 

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