Whether it’s to control an operating table, hospital bed or other medical equipment, we are able to provide a solution which is suitable for the medical industry. Our joysticks are fully customizable while maintaining the reliability that is needed when operating medical devices

The 40JB/JE Hall Effect Joystick is a multipurpose joystick which is applied in various applications for example medical machines. The joystick has compact size and fits perfect in a control panel for making accurate movements with high-tech machines such as a MRI-scanner. The joystick incorporates non-contact Hall Effect sensors resulting in more precision and reliability.

While operating medical instruments it’s essential to have a high quality product providing the safety and stability needed for the task. It’s possible to fully customize the joystick providing good ergonomics and optimum control.

Available with different choices in knobs, handles, rubber bellows, pushbuttons, switches or different axis versions. Contact one of our engineers to discuss your application.

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