Our robotic joysticks are specifically designed for programming industrial robots with a very high accuracy. Our small (3-axis) joysticks are designed for fine feel-ability when it is controlled by its operator making it a perfect choice for many joystick controlled teach pendants.

The teach method is a popular way of programming industrial robots which allows for high speed and precise automation. Robots can easily be driven to the desired location using the 3 axis joystick with rotating knob. It can be found in modern teach-in panels to program arc and spot welding robotics in the automotive industry and many other high speed and precise applications.

Customization of this joystick is possible to suit your needs. It can be spring loaded for self-centering spring return to the central position and it can be supplied with either potentiometer or incorporated Hall Effect IC.

  • Operating temperature range: -20°C ~+60°C
  • Life expectancy: 5.000.000 operations
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