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Industrial Hand Joysticks

Althen's impressive range of robust joystick controllers is further extended with a totally new product line of Industrial Hand Joysticks, that will help you take control of your heavy machinery, special vehicles, and control systems. 

Industrial hand operated joysticks are used to control heavy duty machinery such as cranes, winches, agriculture machines, and construction machines. These robust joysticks have a small build-in size and offer high reliability, smooth operation, and long life expectancy. This provides confidence for machine builders and operators!

Advantages: Standard delivery time 2-3 weeks | Industrial quality | Customized configurations | Different electrical output options | Small quantities available

Typical applications: Cranes and winches | DP systems | Agricultural machinery | Lifting equipment | CCTV and PTZ control systems | Remote control systems

All configurations are available with a standard delivery time of 2-3 weeks and the configurations we keep on stock within days. Our Controls team is happy to support you with a quotation within 48 hours. Call us at +31 (0)70 392 44 21, email or use our contact form.

Potentiometers and Hall Effect Hand Joysticks

The Industrial Hand joysticks are equiped with pontentiometers or Hall Effect sensors. The Hall Effect is based on contactless Hall effect technology where a magnet underneath the moving joystick lever affects the electromagnetic field that is generated by an Hall effect sensor beneath the magnet. Industrial Hall effect joysticks are similar to the traditional potentiometric joysticks as they both give a proportional electrical output signal that corresponds with the position of the joystick lever. Hall effect technology has some advantages over potentiometric echnology. The contactless Hall effect technology implies that there is no contact between the sensor and the moving magnet. Therefore the sensor element does not wear out by repetitive movements and heavy vibrations which results in a long life expectancy.

We understand that each application is unique and requires different functionalities. For those applications we offer many configuration options and customization, even for small quantities. At the same time we see many similarities in project requirements and an increasing demand for standardized products. For those customers we offer standard configurations from stock.

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