Sensors, Joysticks and Controllers for Offshore Applications

Because of an ingenious intervention the joystick controllers fit seamlessly into the slim armrests of the operating seat in the crane's modern, ergonomic operating cabin.
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Sensors & Joysticks for the Offshore Industry

The Offshore Industry requires explosion proof, reliable and intrinsically safe (ATEX) sensors & HMI-products for harsh and hazardous environments. Our sensors and joysticks contribute to sustainable, safer and more cost-effective operations and can be part of your automation and digitalisation program.

We offer standard sensors & joystick controllers, but can also help you with a tailor-made measuring or HMI-solution. Please contact us to help you with the best solution for your application: Call us at +31 (0)70 392 44 21, email or use our contactform.

Position measurement of offshore wind turbine blades

Wind turbine blades can control pitch in order to maximize power generation. Our multiturn Hall effect sensors are applied in wind turbines to provide position feedback of the turbine blades. Unlike contact type position sensors, this contactless Hall effect sensor is not sensitive for vibrations which enhances the life expectancy up to 20 million rotations.

Load monitoring for lifting equipment

Offshore platforms use lifting equipment to carry heavy loads on board. For safety reasons the lifted load may not exceed the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the equipment. Our load pins and load shackles are designed to measure loads up to 1.500 ton and perform in harsh environments and are available with ATEX certification.

Underwater position measurement of hydraulic valves

Subsea pipelines are equipped with hydraulic valves to control the flow of liquid or gas that is going through the pipeline. Our submersible inductive position sensors are designed to operate underwater down to 3,5km depth. Due to the sealed 316 stainless steel housing and contactless sensing technology, these sensors offer high reliability and high accuracy even in the harshest environments.

EX joystick for crane operations on offshore platforms

Offshore platforms like oil rigs are classified as hazardous areas as they may contain potentially explosive atmospheres. Our EX joysticks are installed on offshore platforms for lifting equipment like cranes and winches. Due to the robust design and high-quality components, these joysticks offer great feelability, long life expectancy, and increased safety in offshore operations.

Vibration monitoring of wind turbine gear box

Condition monitoring of wind turbine gear boxes is an important aspect for maintenance planning, downtime reduction, and cost savings. Our vibration monitoring sensors are used to detect machinery failures such as bearing wears, gear mesh damage, imbalance, and lubrication issues. The superior performance and reliability enhance wind turbine efficiency and durability.

Sway monitoring of wind turbine tower

Wind turbine towers must bear great radial forces to avoid damage and disaster. Our accelerometers are used to accurately measure the movement of wind turbine towers.

Tow test force measurement towing vessel

The Ocean Cleanup is an ambitious initiative to remove the trillions pieces of plastic that litter our oceans. We supplied a standalone force monitoring sytem existing of a load shackle that measures the forces that occur between the towing vessel and the cleanup system and a Graphtec Data logger that collected and visualized real time data on the data logger screen. Later on, the collected data was transferred to a PC via USB interface for further analysis.

Inclination measurement of a Hydrohammer

A hydrohammer is an hydraulic hammer for offshore piling and foundation work. We developed a custom inclination sensor solution to measure the tilt angle of the hydrohammer during operations. The combination of the servo inclinometer and the integrated amplifier provides high accurate measurements that are not affected by the heavy vibrations that are caused by the impact of the hammer.

Contact Althen Sensors & Controls

With more than 40 years of experience, we have developed into a specialized company for sensors, joysticks & instrumentation.

Our products are developed for demanding and critical applications. We can develop tailor-made joysticks and measurement solutions for you, even in small series.

Contact us for more information or a non-binding quotation 0031 (70) 392 44 21.

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