Single-Axis Joysticks

Industrial 1-Axis Joysticks with a forward and backward movement.

1 Axis Jjoystick Controlling Winch On Ship
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1-Axis Joysticks

Industrial 1-Axis Joysticks are applied in many industrial applications, such as cranes, winches, marine equipment, agricultural machines, forestry machines, construction equipment, material handling vehicles, robotics, medical apparatus, and factory production lines.

If an industrial joystick only has a forward and backward movement it is called a 1-axis joystick, single-axis joystickone way joystick or 1-dimensional joystick.

Our 1-Axis Joysticks are available in various shapes and configurations. If you provide us with your requirements, we are happy to help you with a standard single axis joystick or develop a custom made joystick or HMI-solution for you. Call us at +31 (0)70 392 44 21, email or use our contactform.

Product portfolio industrial joysticks

Are you looking for joysticks with more or less axis? Or are you looking for joysticks with Hall Effect technology?

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