Althen Sensors & Controls BV expands with the acquisition of Metesco BV

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12 March 2021
Althen Sensors & Controls expands its activities, with the strategic acquisition of Metesco Nederland BV. With the addition of Metesco, Althen gains access to a whole new market segment, namely the rental of sensors, measurement systems and portable measurement & data acquisition equipment. Richard Zwakke founded Metesco BV in 2005 and has since grown it into a renowned name in the world of rental of measuring instruments, measuring systems and innovative on-demand solutions.

Service and quality

Metesco sees itself as a service provider that distinguishes itself through a fast service that is aimed at unburdening customers and quickly responding to requests. Thanks to the possibility of in-house calibration, Metesco ensures that the rented equipment is always calibrated and comes with a calibration certificate. The acquisition of Metesco fits well within Althen's strategy. "With the entry of Metesco within the Althen Group, we can provide an even better service, because in addition to selling products, we can now offer rental products, this flexibility will further strengthen our market position.'', said Thijs Haselhoff, General Manager Althen BV.

In addition, the calibration facilities at Metesco will offer possibilities for the existing customers of Althen Sensors & Controls. Currently, the calibrations of, among other things, force, pressure and inclination sensors are performed in Germany at sister company Althen Mess & Sensortechnik GmbH.

About Metesco BV

Measuring equipment and instruments are used for comparison or recording of data in which these values ​​must be recorded unambiguously and, above all, clear. Reliability, operational reliability and on-demand availability play an important role and that is Metesco’s strength. The working area of ​​Metesco Nederland B.V includes the rental of measuring equipment, the sale of specialist measuring equipment, advice, calibration and maintenance, including measurements and inspections on location. Metesco’s support department is always ready and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From ownership to on-demand-use

Metesco Nederland ensures that the possession of measuring equipment turns to use. Companies are increasingly looking for solutions that allow for (short-term) measurements, without costly investments, management and maintenance. Yet with a reliable measurement result and flexible availability. From ownership to use always means up-to-date certificates, no assets on the balance sheet and “on-demand” availability when and where customers want it.

Left to right: Edwin Goezinne (Althen BV), Dirk Schouten (Althen BV), Marjanne Zwakke-Kooijman (Metesco), Dennis Herremans (Metesco), Gertjan van Delzen (Metesco), Richard Zwakke (Metesco), Thijs Haselhoff (Althen BV)

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