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Althen offers a wide range of industrial joystick controllers which can be adapted to various communication protocols. 

Profitnet Industrial Joystick controllers

The Althen Profinet joysticks are based on the industrial Ethernet protocol and are used in many automation applications in the industry. From small to large joysticks, with 1 or 20 functions, the freedom to design the perfect match for any application is available. Because of the flexibility in our electronics design it is possible to produce small series of customized joysticks without the normal high engineering costs involved.

Profibus Industrial Joystick controllers

Profibus means Process Field Bus, which is an communication protocol used to exchange information between sensors, actuators and controllers in the automation sector. The Altheris joysticks are now available with an profibus output so they can be easily implemented in an existing profibus communication network without any big problems.

USB industrial Joysticks controllers

There can be many applications which require an fast and easy connection via USB for the use of a desktop USB joystick. Delivering accurate control for CCTV cameras or PTZ cameras in combination with an quick plug and play connection, Althen is able to deliver the right modern desktop joystick.

CAN Open industrial Joystick controllers

The Altheris CAN open joystick controllers can provide a CAN open communication protocol used in the automation sector. The CAN open protocol consists of several small communication protocols, an addressing scheme and an application layer.


SAE J1939 joysticks

SAE J1939 joysticks are specifically designed for the automotive sector. SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers and has become the standard vehicle bus used for communication and diagnostics among vehicle components. Originally initiated by the car and heavy-duty truck industry in USA it is not a protocol recognized widely in any part of the automotive world.

We can customize any of the joysticks and program the joystick controller with the SAE J1939 automotive protocol. In this way the integrator can easily use the industrial joystick without many electronic modifications.

Digital interface RS232 / RS485 for Joystick controllers

Our Joysticks can also be produced with digital outputs such as RS232 or RS485. It is the standard protocol for communication between computers and other devices based on serial data communications. The RS232 standard is often used in computer serial ports for easy connection to PC's. The RS485 digital interface is a standard defining the electrical characteristics of drivers and receivers for use in balanced digital multipoint systems. Often these digital interfaces are used for local inexpensive communication links.

Ethernet industrial joystick controllers

Althen can design your joystick specific to your requirements. With many buttons and 2 or 3 axis functionalities there are many analog signals that can be converted into an Ethernet/IP communication protocol.

Ethercat Industrial Joysticks controllers

Your industrial joystick with an Ethercat output signal is possible with the Althen joystick portfolio. EtherCAT (Control Automation Technology) is an Ethernet- based fieldbus system which is suitable for applications in the automation where short data update times are required (smaller than 100 µs).

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